Conway Bowman always liked to do things a little bit differently, whether it was in life or out on the water. When we spoke in early 2010 about shooting a unique reality based show for World Fishing Network, he mentioned he had caught mako sharks on a kayak before; but he hinted he never tried it while on a stand-up paddle board. "Hmmm, interesting" I replied... We spent a week in San Diego in late April 2010 and shot a half hour pilot for the network. We utilized two Sony PMW-EX1 HD cameras, one on a Steadicam, for this adventure and the entire crew had a blast; easily, one of the most enjoyable shoots I have been a part of in my career.

This is the show opening for the pilot and I wanted the show's title graphically integrated somehow. We came up with the concept of having the logo burst through a wall in the background, but I had to find that background while on location. Just down the street from Conway's home, on the beach facing the rough waters of the Pacific, there was a high bluff on the sand and its wall was the perfect colour and texture. I was always a big fan of hero shots and this was the time to do it.