At World Fishing Network, we wanted to create a program showcasing the latest fishing products to hit the market each year. JP DeRose is as knowledgable as they come with fishing gear and very good at instructing amateur anglers; so we decided to merge the two ideas into one show. I produced the first four seasons of Getting School'd with JP DeRose from 2008 to 2012 and built a great relationship with JP; I've even become a better angler because of him (well, that's what I tell myself) :)

Just over 90 minutes southwest of New Orleans, take Louisiana state highway 56 all the way to the end of the road and you'll find the tiny waterfront town of Cocodrie. Captain Andre Boudreaux of Boudreaux's Marina took us through the bayou and hooked us up with many different species, most notably the black and red drum (redfish). This was JP's first big redfish he caught on the first day on the water.