For Ricky Ringer, bull riding is not a way of life, it is his life. Ricky began riding at the tender age of 15 as an escape from a father he never knew. 25 years later, despite all the injuries and wear and tear on his body, he continues to ride every chance he gets. Opportunity at fame and fortune has long passed him by, but Ricky has another goal in his life; to become the father he never had to his 15-year-old son - Lil' Ricky - and to mentor his family. Lil' Ricky has been riding for 10 years and sees his father as an inspiration. And to Ricky Ringer, that is more precious to him than a spot on the pro tour.

This is the trailer to the upcoming documentary on Ricky and the bull riding life that surrounds him. Utilizing two Sony FS700 cameras, and with help from Cynthia and Kenneth Kimbrell of Double K Rodeo Productions, we followed the Ringer family, along with best friend Ernie Courson, to Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida, and captured their stories.