Conway Bowman always liked to do things a little bit differently, whether it was in life or out on the water. When we spoke in early 2010 about shooting a unique reality based show for World Fishing Network, he mentioned he had caught mako sharks on a kayak before; but he hinted he never tried it while on a stand-up paddle board. "Hmmm, interesting" I replied... We spent a week in San Diego in late April 2010 and shot a half hour pilot for the network. We utilized two Sony PMW-EX1 HD cameras, one on a Steadicam, and several GoPro HD cameras for this adventure and the entire crew had a blast; easily, one of the most enjoyable shoots I have been a part of in my career.

This is the three minute trailer for Pursuing the Catch, starring Conway Bowman, Jared Lane, Dave Trimble and John Hendrickson. Oh yeah, and that finned creature in the ocean deserves some credit too.