At GameTV, we acquired the rights to broadcast and host the first Major League Gaming event outside the United States. Yes, there is a pro circuit for teens and young adults to play Microsoft's popular video game "Halo" and win prize money. I couldn't believe how popular this league had become leading up to the event in early November of 2007. It was a three day live event tournament consisting of 54 teams from both Canada and the U.S. It was shot live to tape with two cameras roving on the floor, eight pencil cams attached to the top of each player's monitor and a camera mounted on a huge 20-foot jib overseeing the main stage.

It was very unusual to see the top two ranked teams in the Losers Bracket Semi-finals, but that's exactly what took place in Toronto. This is the last three minutes of an intense Team Slayer game won by the eventual champions of the inaugural MLG Canadian Open.